Saturday, September 7, 2013

I hate FUxxKer!

YOU! Don't ever thought that you know me so well. I tell you, You don't even understand me! It's really hard for me to not showing my black shit face to you! 
You never keep your promise! You never ever try to listen to people! And Still you thought you are Fucking RIGHT! You are fucking mindful and thoughtful! Please! Keep Skin LAR! 
You Are Such An AssHole MAN!!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My piece of sharing........

Holla. Is in a blogging mood. Am at my another page of my life. My RAship gonna end so soon. Time really flies. A year ago, I am still wondering where to start and now its ending. Will pick up a temporarily jobs for two months. The pay is way lesser than the payment i am getting now, but i believe, i will get my so called "satisfy" payment/ job after that.HEHEHE... I am resetting my mindset now. Used to teach my boys and girls to think POSITIVELY, and I guess is time to apply the rule. Try to use these two months to clear up everything as well as charging myself up.
During the 1 year, I get to see a lot of people. And managed to get closer and try on some of the things in my workplace. My only boss teaches me, guides me a lot. Honestly, i really learned a lot from this beautiful women. I am glad to had the faith with her. I still remember clearly the way she impressed me, the moment i knew she was my supervisor, and the experiences she shared with me in the past. I knew, no one is perfect. I knew she is imperfect as well. But still, i can see her trying so hard to maintain what she had right now. Is not easy. And she is trying. Really wish to thanks her for teaching me everything. And i would like to apologize on everything that i had make a mistake in. Just wish to tell her "sometimes, sorry for being so introvert, I am not used to talk a lot , hang out and share a lot with people. So just forgive me for not going lunch with you because i am just too not use to it." Wish you all the best ! And good luck! Boss!

Time to sleep. GOOD NIGHT!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Simple and easy way to increase pocket money.

After such a long ignorance, I am back. Hahaha. Recently, i found out some of the website they actually pay when you click on their ads. I mean i know the present of these kind of websites but i didn't really look into it until today (because recently i am so eager to find money). XD This kind of Pay To Click (PTC) appears way long ago. It is totally free to sign up. No need to pay for registration fee and They pay you when you click on the ads they are advertising or fill  in survey or invite people to join. Trusted and Workable. Means that for sure they will pay. However, the speed of earning money is totally like "o gui" (turtle speed). Unless you got extra money to upgrade the membership then you will get rabbit speed. For me, i just take the free one, and i registered a few of these PTC sites. Although my earning is so little, is like $0.20 per day on each sites, and i need to click a lot of ads, i still feel that i am very enjoying. Lazy people tend to use lazy method like me to earn extra money. I admit it. =) *am i too positive?**Don't care*

It will be a long process to get the minimum payout, example like i need to use one month time to click and get paid for $2.00 from a website. But add up the 5 sites i registered, i will get $10. Convert to MYR, i will get RM30. Not bad. RM30 for viewing ads. Just spent part  of my usual time of playing fb to click ads. Haha..

Maybe this is a dumbest way to earn extra, but it still worth a try for those people like me surfing internet all the time. If you also feel like joining, below are some top PTC sites that i had joined. Thanks for viewing. Happy trying! XD

1) Nerdbux
2) AyuWage
3) ProBux
4) Hits4Pay
5) ClickFair
6) Rewarding Ways

Saturday, March 9, 2013