Friday, March 19, 2010


Hi. Didn't blog for two days. Although just 2 days, a lot of special things happen around me which gave me a lot of sweet memories.First of all, lets talk about my mid-term exam that i sit 2 days ago. The paper was actually very easy. However, I , as the new learner, it was very tough for me. Things go prettier well in the first few part of the exam paper, but then when comes to the last 2 part, really made me faint. Haha.. Really need to put a lot of effort to study! Ganbateh! 

Well, Japanese mid-term settled already and here comes the ASSIGNMENTS.  XD  Development trends's (one of the subject i take this semester) report was hand in on Wednesday. The report was not that hard to do but we still drag to last minute. We get the report done on midnight. I am actually quite curious on human thinking and the way they behave. We always say that next time don't want to do things in last minute but we still behave in the same way. Why huh?? Don't know. After finished the Development's report, here comes the second one, CMTi 's report. Waaahhh.... and the good news is the report was successfully pass up in the evening. Haha. The report deadline is today evening before 5pm and we printed out and settled everything  before 11.00am. We are very happy when we go for our tutorial class because we had done everything.  But then we found out that part of our report was using the wrong way to write after our tutor explain and clarified something in the class. Our mood totally lost when we heard that.  We went for a short consultation once the class dismiss and luckily....... Our lovely and kind hearted lecturer + tutor accepted our explanation and allowed us not to redo. Thank you Miss L, thank you Des, thank you everyone who are involed! ^^
Our Report!

After all those academic things, hmm.. lets change to something else. When for a gym session yesterday as I am growing fatter and fatter. Duhh..  Spent around one and a half hour in the gym room with my gang of lovely friends which is my dear and darling,Des and Yee, and one of my best friend Okzai. Hmm.. Waaahhh....Mp3 is a need for me when I am having my gym session, without it, it is very hard for me to concentrate. Haha.. Having a great time with them and after the gym session, we went for dinner together. Yummy. ^^..

My tools for GYM! 

However, Okzai and me were wet when we reach the restaurant. This is totally because of  the rain that comes suddenly when we are on the way to the restaurant. Besides getting wet, another thing that makes me quite pissed off is the food come very slow. We nearly wait for one and a half hour to get our food served. OMG. Meet up with Jye and Mars went we are having dinner. They are my course mates and one of them is also my best friend.  Jye was  back from Singapore and bought me a very cute souvenir; an elephant toy which having magnet stick in all the four legs. Waaahhh....It is so cute and very useful as a decoration.  JYE, Thank you! I love it a lot! 

This is the cute elephant i receive from Jye. Lovely!! 

Today, dear and me went to Tesco after class. We brought a lot of things there. Haha.. I brought myself a sushi set for dinner. Waaahhh.... Hmm... it is very delicious. Hehe.. After that, we went to cybercafe to play left 4 dead 2. Both of us are kinda addicted to this game. We love to play it especially during the assignment period because it helps us to release stress.. Hahaha.... 

Waaahhh...It's 2.33am now. Time for me to go to bed. Going back to hometown tomorrow after class.. Yippee!!  Good night. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

1,2,3 Start

Welcome and good day to anyone who are viewing my blog now. A very thank you for your visiting. As what had shown in the title, i am a new user and just starting to learn blogging. Get the inspired to blog after visiting my dear friend blog. I hope that i can continue to do this in the coming day because I always do things for 3 minutes only. That's the bad habit that I still maintain it for no reason. =.= Today is a pretty hard day for me. Not feeling quite well. Missed the 3 classes and rest for the whole day in my hostel. Add on, it was raining for the whole afternoon. It actually ruin my mood off with the rain. I will feel quite unhappy whenever it is raining, especially for those which keep raining for a few hours. Going to do my assignment and prepared for my Japanese midterm test tomorrow right after this. Miss my parents and my siblings a lot. Hope to see them in the next second, but that is impossible. Because I am in Kampar, which is where I am having my tertiary study now. However, i will try my best to get all the things done by today. That's all for my very first post! Gambateh and All the best!!!!!