Friday, December 31, 2010

Stitch Rockxx..

Still remember one of my previous post on a stitch clothes?? i got it ! First ever online shopping was on a jacket, and the second time was on my stitch clothes! Ngek ngek ngek. I wait for it for almost one and a half month and FINALLY, i received it yesterday and it came all the way from China. Wuhoo. Because it was from China, it makes me very worry on the quality when i decided to buy. But then when i get it, surprisingly , it was in a very good quality. Super warm and soft ! But, it only suitable to wear when on cold day. If wear it on a normal temperature day, i guess the person wearing will melt! Hahaha.. However,No regret for buying. STITCH ROCKXX!! Wahahaha..

Hoodie ~~~~

Back side and the front! Wahaha..

hehe.. Got tail !

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The power of photo shooting angle!

Lalala.. It's middle of the night now. Nothing to do. So i decided to blog on the power of shooting angle. My point of shooting angle is the angle used when taking photos. I guess everyone know about that. I am too late. Hahaha.. Well, i am not an expert in taking photo, I don't know anything in photo shooting.  I just know how capture the things i want. Lol. Not going to share anything on professionals perspectives, because i don't know a single thing in that. Just going to share with you all my piece of opinion.

I love to take photos on myself and i admit i am narcissist since form 4. After taking photos for such a long time, i realized the angle used when shooting plays a powerful role. If you take in a perfect angle, the photo actually look very great! The excessive meat from the face or anywhere that makes the person look plump will go away if the angle used is correct! No need photoshop or edit the photo and will look great in it. Seriously! No joke. Just try a few angles when shooting and see the differences!

Here is some of my photos with different angle. No photoshop before! and these photos even my mom also don't believe is me. The power of shooting angle. Just to share! Don't beat me! XD Good night.  

Front .

Side .

slightly high angle. XD

On the bed.

Used the sepia effect. i love this.

Front down. XD

with the used of mirror.

High angle.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


D&D ,stand for dear and darling. lol.. I just wanna say,

My dear and darling, I Miss You! 

Let me introduce my D&D to all of you. DANG DANG DANG DANG~ MCD!!!

Both of them are my D&D. We can actually go for white teeth competition! XD

Darling went home since last Thursday. Din't see her for one week plus. Super miss her. Don't know she got "yai yai" or not, don't know she got miss me or not, don't know she got makan on time or not. Hmm.. That "big children" really make miss her a lot. Lol.
Here is me and my darling with our favorite dessert! XD
Dear sent me back today. We went for a few places today. (= Happy, excited, painful, sad, panic.. What feelings also came out .. Used up a lot of money in the end. Lol... Although we were together this afternoon, i miss her crazily now. Hope she will have lots of fun in the coming weekend.  By the way, dear, Sorry! and Thank you! (=
She is my dear.(=
To my dear and darling: 

I am really glad to have both of you! Just wanna say, Love you both more than i can say. And.. Please forgive me if i did anything that hurt you both. I am really a careless person. Don't put in heart k? Sorry And Thank you to be with me. Love to the max! Muackxx.. Muackxx..

p/s: Mr. Dinosaur,  i miss you too. Do you miss me? [=

Monday, November 29, 2010

My first time.

My first time has gone! Lol.. Don't think nonsense! What i mean is my first time on Online Shopping! Hahaha.... This is the very first time i do online shopping by my own! From searching to order until bank in and waiting and receiving, i get them all done by my own! Wakakaka... Actually nothing to proud of.... >,< Well, story starts on 31st October 2010. Saw a very lovely jacket (from my view), after some consideration, i decided to buy the shirt. This starts my very first online shopping. Lol. After confirmed my order, i went to bank in the money to the person. Waiting is the hardest part for me. It's a pre-order, so, no choice. It's a definite process. And One day, i heard a lori honk! I know. My jacket arrived! XD  And Yeah! I got my jacket! And here ends my first time. Luu.... Lame... XD Good Day.

Here's the parcel i received. It look like a rubbish bag. Seriously! 

Taa..dang! Me and my Jacket. Hard to pose lar wey...

Hehe.. it's warmed! A two-way jacket! In & Out! 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You, 
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You.

Dear little princess, Happy Birthday To You. Love you to the max.Stay Happy and Healthy ya. Muacks...
here's your present! Hahaha... Stay peace!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Song of the day.

Just a random post on my favorite songs. I had been keep on listening to the same song for few hours. It's a popular song which originally sang by Nelly- Just a Dream. But the version i listen to is a song cover by Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie. This is one of the Kurt Schneider's production. Can find his videos at youtube! No doubt, all his production are just Amazing. Kinda love on those videos he produced! awww.... (=  lol. Back to the song, for me, it's really awesome! Their voices are really nice and it matched well with each other. Heart this song !!! Hope you guys like it. Enjoy! (=

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where can i get this???!!!

Hey guys. Not really in good mood now ! T.T

because i saw something that i don't know how to get from here.

The things make me go super crazy lar....

It's a stitch clothes and it's palm!

I saw that in an China Online shopping bay.

Then go Goggle search for a few hours also can't find in Malaysia.

I know it can buy from here, but then i don't know how.

Can someone tell me how can i get this?  T.T

Thank you.

Stitch arrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Big Day!

Hey friends! It's been a long time i din't update my blog. This is because i am busying preparing my exam last week. Finals will be end at 28th of September and i am actually having a one week gap in between the second last and the last paper. So i went home to celebrated Mid Autumn Festival with my family straight after the paper on tuesday! *Teehee* . Unfortunately, i couldn't enjoy the moonlight due to the heavy rain. T.T  The day after the mooncake festival, it's actually consider as my big day! It's my birthday in lunar calender! Being the typical chinese family , my parents prefer to celebrate on this day rather than on the exact date of birth. Thus, my family decided to bring me to a great breakfast, lunch and dinner to celebrate my big day! Yuhoo..

The very first meal we had was fish head noodles! My dad and I love fish head noodles a lot! So papa bring us to have a wonderful breakfast at one of the famous fish head noodles restaurant in Chemor! Besides having fish head noodles, papa ordered another two slices of baked bread, two half boiled egg and few fish balls for us. Then later in the afternoon, mama brought my niece and me to had our lunch at MC Donalds! Wakakaka... Mama knew i didn't eat fast food for months, so she decided to treat me fast food as my birthday present and also as a positive reinforcement to continue my less and better no fast food lifestyle. Haha.. Then after the kid's favorite meal, we went home and had some rest. We went for our dinner in around 8pm at my parents friend's restaurant with my brother and sister-in- law . Having a great dinner with lots of dishes! Yummy.. Then after dinner, my brother, sister- in- law and me finished up a bottle of red wine as the closing ceremony of my big day in the year of tiger. Roahhh~ XD Happy Birthday to me! Haha....

Although i din't received any materialized present, i am still went through a very great day with my family! This is the most precious and priceless thing in the world! I am really happy to owned all those treasures ! And Mum, Thank you ! May god bless us ! Amitabha.

My breakfast moment! ( lunch and dinner unable to capture due to forgetfulness.) 

After my last activity of the day! XD Cheers~ 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Awesome outing.

Rah rah ah ah ah ~ rum mah rum mah mah ~ ga ga oh la la ~ want your bad romance. The most craziest song of the day. Four of us gone super crazy because of that song. LoL. Gaga rockx ~!! XD Meet with my gang of  "ji mui" which is lavi, patpat and sook wai last thursday. Although not complete, because hamyu not there, we still had lots of fun that day. Meet up at Ipoh Parade and went for a singing session at K- Box.

After graduated from secondary school, this is the third time i meet up with them. So sorry girls, because of my personal problems, i missing in action for quite some times. I am so glad that you girls still remember me even though  i "disappear"  for a long time. *Touched* (=

You girls are much more prettier than last time! Serious!  hehe.. After that meet up, i recall a lot of happy moments with you girls. The tuition moment with Cikgu Azizah, those outings and so on. Haiz.. all these moments keep on reminding me that i am getting older. No more joking around all the time, a lot of responsibilities are waiting for us. We are turning to adult very soon! =.=

No matter how, looking forward for next meet up although still have no confirm date. Haha.. Hope you girls stay happy and pretty always. Will miss you girls all the time! Muackxxxxx!!!! Love ya!

*Some photos of that day. Not that clear because of camera problem. Paiseh*

The drinks and snack we had! (=

Girl girl lavi & me

Hehe.. Pat & me

Wai wai & me

On the way back ~miss them !

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Buffet Dinner at Syuen Hotel.

Hey friends, tell you something.Wakaka... i found a place to have a fantastic buffet dinner. As a buffet lover, I always wonder where should i go to have a great buffet dinner? For me, the main concern is always the price! Buffet normally rate from RM 20++ to RM100++. The cheapest is always the steamboat buffet which is the only buffet i can afford to go once in a while. But since my brother brought me to Fusion Taro Restaurant located in Garden View, Syuen Hotel,  i decided to save my money and have my buffet there next time. Even my mum, not a buffet lover, also planned to go for second time after the first visit on last friday. 

The view of the restaurant.

Name and table no. (=
In that restaurant, u can find varies kind of food! It's a combination of japanese, chinese, western and also local foods restaurant! Each category of food will place in their specific areas. Besides those ready cooked food, there is also corner that allow us to order the food we want and then they will serve us after the dish is ready. Besides dish like spaghetti, fried rice, sushi, tepanyaki,, they also provides mini steamboat, pizza, dim sum and fresh seafood like oyster and sashimi!   Hundred over types of food is waiting for you there. Haha.. No doubt, is really a great place to dine in if you like buffet! the price is also quite reasonable. RM49.90 per person and for senior citizens and children will have a different price.  They are now also having a promotions which is 3 persons dine in and will get another person eat for free. Means the fourth person is FOC! XD  Here is some of the photos. enjoy! Nitez.

Mini steamboat with lots of ingredients!

Prawn and squid tepanyaki. A few favor more!

Mix and matched by me. XD

Not only these, there is some more in the others corner,
but i did not manage to take the pictures. T.T

All fresh seafood! Eat as much as you can! * Tee*

Sashimi! Yummy~

On the spot make pizza! Bravo!

Pudding and cakes. =D

Before and after. Emo => satisfied! XD

The price! lolx...

Monday, August 30, 2010


明天就是一年一度的国庆日,马来西亚要53岁了!恭喜恭喜!好想知道大家是否快乐呢?不过相信大家不用说,我都能知道答案了。 马来西亚是一个很特别的国家,它有着不同种族的人民,也包含了马来西亚独有的文化。外国人往往都被我们的文化吸引着。 多元种族是我们的骄傲,很可惜的,它也成为了大马的最大问题。

这问题有如一个活火山那样,随时爆发,不定时的出现。 从马来西亚还没有独立到今天为止,这问题依然存在着,而且还越演越烈。最近打开面子书,都能看到很多很多有关种族问题的短片或是留言,看了心里总是酸酸的。我总是觉得,为什么大家要这样,大家都让一小步的话,问题就不会那么糟糕了! 可能你们会觉得我很笨,不会为自己的族人争取最好的利益,还要说什么退让,回家睡觉啦!

可是我倒觉得,你们比我笨。我说的你们,是指所有在那里互指互骂的人,不分种族,通通有份!难道你们不觉得这样的行为很可笑的吗?大家都是一家人,都是马来西亚人民,为什么要搞得水火不容呢? 不管是哪一个种族都好,大家忍让一点,不就好了吗? 活到那么大了,你们不可能不知道容忍的意思吧!要知道,不管你是谁都好,不可能要身边的人完全迁就你的。马来西亚的确还没有达到先进国的阶层,可是它也不是很糟糕啊!如果人民继续内讧下去,要国家怎样继续发展? 到时你们又会把责任推回给政府了。

无可否认,一部分的高官的确很糟糕,没有分辨清楚就采取一些惹恼人民的行动。把能够做事的人也抹黑了。渐渐的,他们也不被人民爱戴。唉~ 到底要到什么时候大家才不会为了种族课题吵呢?你们难道不累吗?还有,这问题已经越演越烈了,政府难道没有想要真的好好的把这个问题 解决吗?难道还要这样包庇这个,包庇那个吗?已经53年了,一个马来西亚到底什么时候才能达到呢?不要把责任通通推给政府!因为要解决这个问题的话,每个人都有责任!


Thursday, August 26, 2010



     路,本来就不好走。 一路上,可能会经历很多风风雨雨,要是放弃了,我们永远都不会到达目的地。 她,有着一个理想的地方,希望有一天能到达。 同时,她也在努力的去实现她的理想。 她的路,她已经知道要怎么 走了,可是路途有多遥远,没有人知道。人,往往在决定做每件事时,都会充满动力,可是当开始后,那股力量,也随着一波又一波的风浪而逐渐消失。原本燃烧得火热的热情,也慢慢的开始熄灭了。

     平凡的她,也有着一样的心情。开始时,她那股动力真的很有劲,旁人都被吓倒。可是,当她面对着一波接一波的问题时,她乱了。她有如温室里的小花,被家人和爱人呵护着,当真正要自己面对事情时,她完全迷失了。找不到解决的方法。这使她开始放慢了脚步,也开始堕落了。她的路还很长,这可以说是才开始不久,她就堕落了。只可以说,她经不起考验!愚不可及啊!温室里的小花就是那么没用 。


Monday, August 23, 2010

Family gathering!

My brother organised a very great lunch for us today. It's actually consider a small gathering and also a little farewell party for my cousin sister. She will be leaving Malaysia soon and work in Dubai for another years. So  my brother purposely call her out and have lunch with her today. A total of 3 families were there in the gathering. haha.. It's been a long time i didn't attend such a wonderful family gathering already. Having much fun to see all of them enjoy their meals and chatting around with one another.  Especially those kids. We went to KonSong restaurant and have our meal. Nice environment and great food. haha.. The price is also very reasonable. Although not every family member attended, but still is very happy to actually have a little gathering once a while. Here is some photos . Not much because i get caught by those foods. XD lol...Looking forward for another family gathering, so that i can take more photos next time. Muahahaha.. Good night and all the best to my cousin sister. Love you~

My cousin sister will kill me if she know i call her elderly person. XD shhh..

The 3 kids ~

 the precious moment!