Friday, December 31, 2010

Stitch Rockxx..

Still remember one of my previous post on a stitch clothes?? i got it ! First ever online shopping was on a jacket, and the second time was on my stitch clothes! Ngek ngek ngek. I wait for it for almost one and a half month and FINALLY, i received it yesterday and it came all the way from China. Wuhoo. Because it was from China, it makes me very worry on the quality when i decided to buy. But then when i get it, surprisingly , it was in a very good quality. Super warm and soft ! But, it only suitable to wear when on cold day. If wear it on a normal temperature day, i guess the person wearing will melt! Hahaha.. However,No regret for buying. STITCH ROCKXX!! Wahahaha..

Hoodie ~~~~

Back side and the front! Wahaha..

hehe.. Got tail !


jye jye chin said...

har??? tot wont cute geh.. mana tahu when it wear by you, hmm.. got cute lo.. haha.. u win le..

christy said...

cute le~~

XxiaO-EMo- said...

dear extra extra dam cute with it! :D remember wear to class ar :P heheh! blekk~
Happy New Year all! :D <3

王加竣 said...

@@ omg , u r even much cutier than wat I imagined when u wear tis suit ~ xD