Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i miss home!

When I miss home, my mood will definitely like riding roller coaster. Up and down, up and down! And it makes me goes a little bit " sot sot dei" and trying to talk nonsense!

To my blog :
" Hey baby, Hallo, long time din't update you, Sorry ! Don't angry me k? "

To my dog :
" Wowwow, i miss you! When only you give me bath you without forcing you huh? "

To my bed :
" I forgot to fold the blanket this morning, make you look untidy. Paiseh ar."

To my Daddy:
" Arhhhhhh,  I want to listen your phone ringtone lar!!"

To my mum :
" Forget to remind you this morning, laugh more, don't care those nonsense. Love your smile!"

To my Brothers :
" Drink more water larr.......and work hard larr....."

To my home :
 " I am sick. Because i miss you!"

To myself :
"  Go sleep , tomorrow early morning got class. Don't go crazy so long!"

To my readers :
" I dunno what am i  writing, so just ignore me! Haha.Nitez !"

I am going abnormal a bit today. Lock myself in my hostel for the whole day after i came back. Just because I miss home! )=  Don't worry! I will be alright. I need sleep now to end my sickness. Haha.. Good night.

Miss home......

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