Friday, December 31, 2010

Stitch Rockxx..

Still remember one of my previous post on a stitch clothes?? i got it ! First ever online shopping was on a jacket, and the second time was on my stitch clothes! Ngek ngek ngek. I wait for it for almost one and a half month and FINALLY, i received it yesterday and it came all the way from China. Wuhoo. Because it was from China, it makes me very worry on the quality when i decided to buy. But then when i get it, surprisingly , it was in a very good quality. Super warm and soft ! But, it only suitable to wear when on cold day. If wear it on a normal temperature day, i guess the person wearing will melt! Hahaha.. However,No regret for buying. STITCH ROCKXX!! Wahahaha..

Hoodie ~~~~

Back side and the front! Wahaha..

hehe.. Got tail !

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The power of photo shooting angle!

Lalala.. It's middle of the night now. Nothing to do. So i decided to blog on the power of shooting angle. My point of shooting angle is the angle used when taking photos. I guess everyone know about that. I am too late. Hahaha.. Well, i am not an expert in taking photo, I don't know anything in photo shooting.  I just know how capture the things i want. Lol. Not going to share anything on professionals perspectives, because i don't know a single thing in that. Just going to share with you all my piece of opinion.

I love to take photos on myself and i admit i am narcissist since form 4. After taking photos for such a long time, i realized the angle used when shooting plays a powerful role. If you take in a perfect angle, the photo actually look very great! The excessive meat from the face or anywhere that makes the person look plump will go away if the angle used is correct! No need photoshop or edit the photo and will look great in it. Seriously! No joke. Just try a few angles when shooting and see the differences!

Here is some of my photos with different angle. No photoshop before! and these photos even my mom also don't believe is me. The power of shooting angle. Just to share! Don't beat me! XD Good night.  

Front .

Side .

slightly high angle. XD

On the bed.

Used the sepia effect. i love this.

Front down. XD

with the used of mirror.

High angle.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


D&D ,stand for dear and darling. lol.. I just wanna say,

My dear and darling, I Miss You! 

Let me introduce my D&D to all of you. DANG DANG DANG DANG~ MCD!!!

Both of them are my D&D. We can actually go for white teeth competition! XD

Darling went home since last Thursday. Din't see her for one week plus. Super miss her. Don't know she got "yai yai" or not, don't know she got miss me or not, don't know she got makan on time or not. Hmm.. That "big children" really make miss her a lot. Lol.
Here is me and my darling with our favorite dessert! XD
Dear sent me back today. We went for a few places today. (= Happy, excited, painful, sad, panic.. What feelings also came out .. Used up a lot of money in the end. Lol... Although we were together this afternoon, i miss her crazily now. Hope she will have lots of fun in the coming weekend.  By the way, dear, Sorry! and Thank you! (=
She is my dear.(=
To my dear and darling: 

I am really glad to have both of you! Just wanna say, Love you both more than i can say. And.. Please forgive me if i did anything that hurt you both. I am really a careless person. Don't put in heart k? Sorry And Thank you to be with me. Love to the max! Muackxx.. Muackxx..

p/s: Mr. Dinosaur,  i miss you too. Do you miss me? [=