Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bad day!

I am totally not in mood today! I really don't know whether i am unlucky or too lucky. I have absolutely no idea on what is happening! arghh!!! Firstly, i poked my leg last night. I did not care much on it because it is just a small cut,put a plaster on it and continue my thing.Well, i feel the pain from the wound this morning. My mum asked me to consult doctor because it can be a serious matter if it is glass pieces. Alright, went to the clinic, and yea, it's glass pieces. The doctor taken out 4 pieces of glasses from that small little tiny hole and the one of them is nearly 0.8cm long. I am really shocked when i know that, because the wound is really very tiny and small. How it can hide 4 pieces of glasses inside?! WTH~ No matter how, thank god that my leg is okay now. And also thanks to the doctor.

With a hurting leg, went to campus to attend classes. While on the way to class, i went to check out my bike which i left on campus last week. And~~ FML, my bike is no longer there. The first feeling that i had is, denial. I deny that my bike is not missing, keep searching on it,  walk around a few times at the same place to looked for my bike. After rounds of searching, Yea, it's missing. I nearly cry at that moment. Luckily Des dear is with me that time. Thank you dear. Called my mum straight after that and surprisingly, my parent din't scold me for my carelessness at all! Their cares and worries make me feel much more calming and touched. Mum and Dad, both of you are really great parents! I love you!

I am really sad that my bike is no longer with me. I love it so much. And it leave me without giving me any signal. That was my very first personal bike. A present from my parent when i start my tertiary study here. T.T Heng!!I curse the one who took my bike, fall down whenever he or she ride bicycle. However, this incident actually brings me some joy too. My mum, dad and two bad brothers take turns to called me and laugh at me. I can sense their cares. Thank you mummy, daddy and gor gor. I sense it! seriously ! Love you all! I am okay already. Don't worry about me ya. good night!

The only photo of my bike~i miss you! 

Saturday, July 24, 2010


好几天没有更新小妹的部落格了。不好意思啦!小妹有点忙,所以没空写新貼子。 认识小妹的朋友们都懂我爱很自拍。小妹可称得上是个自恋狂。=] 虽说小妹的样貌不是很好看,但是应该也不会长得很抱歉罢~~ 不懂啦~! 如果真的长得很抱歉的话,对不起啦,小妹也不想的。美化或者编辑照片是个很乐的事情!小妹爱编辑照片,弄些效果去照片上,把不一样的感觉呈现出来。可是也因为小妹本身的艺术细胞有限,所以只会弄些普通的。至于那些深入的,阿那就不好意思说了。Photoshop 更不用说,小妹对它完全一窍不通。小妹的照片都是用美图秀秀来编辑的。
这个软件是小妹以前一个要好的室友介绍的。它有着很多不同的功能,而且一点都不复杂。比PS容易多了。小妹我最爱就是它的美化功能,因为它可以把照片带出不一样的效果!例如有复古味道,楼影感觉还是怎样的。它的边框功能也是很不错的东西来的。可是美图有一点不好的就是它只有华语版本,不会看华语的人就没办法用了。 还有就是它的一些素材必须要下载才有,这个就比较麻烦了。不过,美图秀秀的确是一个很不错的美图软件来的,值得一试哦!有兴趣的朋友们可点击这里到官方网站下载!免费的!哈哈~以下有一些编辑过的照片,有兴趣就看下吧!不要被小妹的样子给吓倒就好了!就是这样啦,下回见!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Great Meal!

Campbell's condensed soups: cream of mushroom ...Image via Wikipedia
Ahaha.. erm.. Don't know how to start on my post. Haha..erm.. alright, let's start with a question. What is the best combination for mushroom soup? Is it garlic bread? breadstick? or what other things? Well, i realized that actually mushroom soup works very well with mee! This is not my own idea, i saw this way of eating in someone's blog and i am kinda a mushroom soup lover, so i decided to give it a try. And ya! it taste super great!

Well, is not hard to get the meal done and wont take much time to cook.  All you need is just a can of mushroom soup, mee and of course a pot to cook. Campbell's mushroom soup is my favorite. What you need to do first is get the can open and pour out the ingredient. Heat it up with the right amount of water and when the soup is boiled, add in the mee and cook until the mee is ready to eat. The whole process took around 15 minutes only. It's easy and tasty. Haha. I personally  suggested to use unfried instant noddles instead  of maggi mee which is those fried instant noddles. It might be healthier and also cheaper when compare both of them.

Alright, that's all for the post. Thanks for the brilliant idea that combine the mushroom soup with noodles, and you guys can try  it out too! It's really tasty! It might had a bad outlooking but, trust me. The taste is awesome! Yummy~~ Slurpppp~~~ ^-^

Here is it! 


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Negative effect.

Negative ! Negative ! Negative ! What is the first thing come to your mind when saw the 'negative' word? Negative feeling? Maths? Bad things? Haha.. Ya.. Negative is a word that always lead us think of those unhappy things, bad things.Well, the things i would like to share with you guys today is the negative effect...... on photos. lolx.. 

Photo negative effect is one of the camera function that can be found in the phone or camera. It normally come along with other effect like black & white, sepia, cool and so on. Negative effect is basically a effect that used to invert image colours and imitate a photo negative. In other words, it means to transform image colors to unconventional ones. Haha. 

It is really a fun thing to play with whenever you feel boring. Why i say that. Because dear and I spend hours snapping, posing, playing and laughing with this effect. Although it might look scary, but it is really fun for us. Haha..  Below are some of the example of negative effect photo we took today. If you are faint hearted, please don't see it because it might look scary to you.  

So who say negative is not really a good thing? Let's go Negatively! It brings joy sometimes! Lolx.


Does this look a bit like L4D 2. XD


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New lens.

Again, i have a new lens. haha. Actually those lens are not own by me, but Mr. R. haha..  Get those lens this evening at Pos Laju main office at Ipoh. Haha. Going back to Ipoh to took the lens is a sudden decide between dear and I. Along the journey, both of us keep on chatting on the topic on Online Business. haha.. The way we talk is just like we already part of them. Wahaha.. If i got the chance, I will definitely give a try on it. Seriously!!

Okay. Enough.Back to the lens. lolx..As usual, order by dear dear, one of them is animated eye which is blue in colour. Is GEO brand. Haha.. And the other one is pink  lens. I had try on the animated eye lens. Erm.. Mr. R  say i look quite scary with that pair of eyes. How about you? Is it that scary? XD Good night!

More or less the same pose. Sorry.. I am bad in posing.

Mr.R say i look like a vampire! GRrrrr~

Sunday, July 11, 2010


After few days of rest, ya. I am back. Min is here! Sore throat ran away from me but cough love me a lot. It still don't feel like leaving me. However, I am okay already. Haha. Nothing much to do, besides sleep, eat and play, i really didn't do any others thing. Tomorrow i will be having my "Life Span Development" midterm test, but it seems like i still go steady, is just like kinda a happy go lucky thought. Haha. These  few days i really sleep a lot. Almost sleep for 12 hours per day. In fact, i love to sleep. Haha. My siblings used to call me pig whenever i sleep more than usual. lolx..

I took this when i woke up this morning. XD

Oh ya. Actually i cut my hair last week. Dear and Mr.R give me a big respond when they saw me. For me, i doesn't feel much different because i just cut the bangs and some split ends only. But i shocked them a lot by cutting these two parts. Haha. I also bought myself a MP4 in 1st July. Bought it for no reason but love it a lot. It is blue in colour. It is also my favourite colour. Des dear also bought one in different colour. Haha. Both of us bought that thing for no reason. OMG. Haha. Here are some photos with my MP4 and my cut hair. That's all for now. Good luck for those who are having the same test with me. All the best ya. ^-^

Can't see clearly how was the bangs.

With my MP4.

Aha.. Here is it. How was my new hairstyle?
Not much different right?

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Is been here at Kampar 2 years, but I didn't had much photo about Kampar. Always heard people saying that Kampar is a dry place, has no entertainment at all, Mc Donalds also don't have, really a 'kampung' place. However, a lot of people love to choose here to continue their study simply just because the environment. Our campus is surrounding by lakes and hills. Few species of birds love to fly here. We can even see cows everywhere. My University owns a very great design and i love it very much. The weather here is quite unstable, shinny morning but rain heavily in the evening. During Chinese New Year seasons, Kampar is even hotter than usual. Haha. Not much to talk, just let the photos tell us the story about some of the places in Kampar! 

A photo from me, sunny day!

The sky is so nice that day! 

views from Kampar square.


Lakeside. a great place to chat around!

Another view of the lake inside UTAR.

The colour of the sky is so adorable! Love it! 

One of the block view of Utar.

The staircase of Utar. 

The other block!

Utar Block A!  fantastic!

There are actually quite a number of photos here but due to the time problem, i just can show you all that much of photos. Sorry! Oh ya.. a credit to my dear dear Des, because some of the photos above were took by her! She is really a pro in snapping photo! ^-^ Thank you and good night.