Thursday, July 15, 2010

Negative effect.

Negative ! Negative ! Negative ! What is the first thing come to your mind when saw the 'negative' word? Negative feeling? Maths? Bad things? Haha.. Ya.. Negative is a word that always lead us think of those unhappy things, bad things.Well, the things i would like to share with you guys today is the negative effect...... on photos. lolx.. 

Photo negative effect is one of the camera function that can be found in the phone or camera. It normally come along with other effect like black & white, sepia, cool and so on. Negative effect is basically a effect that used to invert image colours and imitate a photo negative. In other words, it means to transform image colors to unconventional ones. Haha. 

It is really a fun thing to play with whenever you feel boring. Why i say that. Because dear and I spend hours snapping, posing, playing and laughing with this effect. Although it might look scary, but it is really fun for us. Haha..  Below are some of the example of negative effect photo we took today. If you are faint hearted, please don't see it because it might look scary to you.  

So who say negative is not really a good thing? Let's go Negatively! It brings joy sometimes! Lolx.


Does this look a bit like L4D 2. XD