Thursday, June 30, 2011

We are emo..!

We are emo.. Day by day, we are more emo! Will we be Domo one day? God knows...  )=

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Internship in AmC

Well, again, i ignore you my blog blog for some times.  =/ I had my reason. Because i am undergoing my internship in Amc as a student counselor there. Erm.. everything goes smooth there, except for the exposes to daily routine of a teacher. Not familiar at all. Aiyarr... Don't talk about that. It just make me more worried.

Btw, Puan Aw, Puan Yap, and Puan Destenie were all my partners. XD We share everything there. haha.... Although is not easy for me to work there, i still love my job. Although we don't have any allowance, i still willing to go. Only one reason, because of the girls.  They sometimes really naughty, but you will only know when you get along with them. They are having their own story with a mask on their face. Frankly speaking, i love to play with the them, wish to see them grow and hope that we can help them at least a bit. They are actually DAMN AWESOME! Others don't see it but we do. We will try our very best to guide them ! It's real! Girls, jia you!

Alright, just a brief post, is not early now. Time to sleep, nitez.! <3
We call our self f4 is just because we are the only 4 weird ppl there.

Min, Xin, Syuen, Xin. XD <3

p/s: Dear, Thank you so much. I love you!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

and finally!

and finally... you know it. From the very beginning i wanted to tell you everything. This is because you are the only person i concerned so much. You are the only person i want you to know everything. You are the only person i don't dare to share you my everything because, you are the only person i scared you reject my everything. Hide from you for the past two months, and finally, you know it. Although you still give me the reaction that i won't like to see from you, this time, i sensed some different in your tone and expression. Hope that this time i can proved you wrong and you will be proud of me some day. I feel so release now. Thank God. <3

Thursday, June 2, 2011

eager to let it out.

Dear bloggiee, how are you? wanna tell eu something. These few days were having a lot of mixed feeling. Maybe because i am too free to think or what lerr.. and I don't like the feeling of hiding something from my dearest family or friends. I got a lot of thing wanna share with you. I just cannot tell you. Everything i did i just wish to tell you, but you are having your problem. I don't wish that my things put you into trouble (maybe i just scared rejection, who knows??!!). I don't know how will you react this time, and I also don't know what will happen if i tell you the exact story.  But I know, i am kinda serious this time. Sigh. No point BS +ing here. Might tell you when the time come. Can't get my self into peace now, better off and go to sleep. Nites everyone. Nites my bloggiee.. IMU!