Friday, September 24, 2010

My Big Day!

Hey friends! It's been a long time i din't update my blog. This is because i am busying preparing my exam last week. Finals will be end at 28th of September and i am actually having a one week gap in between the second last and the last paper. So i went home to celebrated Mid Autumn Festival with my family straight after the paper on tuesday! *Teehee* . Unfortunately, i couldn't enjoy the moonlight due to the heavy rain. T.T  The day after the mooncake festival, it's actually consider as my big day! It's my birthday in lunar calender! Being the typical chinese family , my parents prefer to celebrate on this day rather than on the exact date of birth. Thus, my family decided to bring me to a great breakfast, lunch and dinner to celebrate my big day! Yuhoo..

The very first meal we had was fish head noodles! My dad and I love fish head noodles a lot! So papa bring us to have a wonderful breakfast at one of the famous fish head noodles restaurant in Chemor! Besides having fish head noodles, papa ordered another two slices of baked bread, two half boiled egg and few fish balls for us. Then later in the afternoon, mama brought my niece and me to had our lunch at MC Donalds! Wakakaka... Mama knew i didn't eat fast food for months, so she decided to treat me fast food as my birthday present and also as a positive reinforcement to continue my less and better no fast food lifestyle. Haha.. Then after the kid's favorite meal, we went home and had some rest. We went for our dinner in around 8pm at my parents friend's restaurant with my brother and sister-in- law . Having a great dinner with lots of dishes! Yummy.. Then after dinner, my brother, sister- in- law and me finished up a bottle of red wine as the closing ceremony of my big day in the year of tiger. Roahhh~ XD Happy Birthday to me! Haha....

Although i din't received any materialized present, i am still went through a very great day with my family! This is the most precious and priceless thing in the world! I am really happy to owned all those treasures ! And Mum, Thank you ! May god bless us ! Amitabha.

My breakfast moment! ( lunch and dinner unable to capture due to forgetfulness.) 

After my last activity of the day! XD Cheers~ 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Awesome outing.

Rah rah ah ah ah ~ rum mah rum mah mah ~ ga ga oh la la ~ want your bad romance. The most craziest song of the day. Four of us gone super crazy because of that song. LoL. Gaga rockx ~!! XD Meet with my gang of  "ji mui" which is lavi, patpat and sook wai last thursday. Although not complete, because hamyu not there, we still had lots of fun that day. Meet up at Ipoh Parade and went for a singing session at K- Box.

After graduated from secondary school, this is the third time i meet up with them. So sorry girls, because of my personal problems, i missing in action for quite some times. I am so glad that you girls still remember me even though  i "disappear"  for a long time. *Touched* (=

You girls are much more prettier than last time! Serious!  hehe.. After that meet up, i recall a lot of happy moments with you girls. The tuition moment with Cikgu Azizah, those outings and so on. Haiz.. all these moments keep on reminding me that i am getting older. No more joking around all the time, a lot of responsibilities are waiting for us. We are turning to adult very soon! =.=

No matter how, looking forward for next meet up although still have no confirm date. Haha.. Hope you girls stay happy and pretty always. Will miss you girls all the time! Muackxxxxx!!!! Love ya!

*Some photos of that day. Not that clear because of camera problem. Paiseh*

The drinks and snack we had! (=

Girl girl lavi & me

Hehe.. Pat & me

Wai wai & me

On the way back ~miss them !

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Buffet Dinner at Syuen Hotel.

Hey friends, tell you something.Wakaka... i found a place to have a fantastic buffet dinner. As a buffet lover, I always wonder where should i go to have a great buffet dinner? For me, the main concern is always the price! Buffet normally rate from RM 20++ to RM100++. The cheapest is always the steamboat buffet which is the only buffet i can afford to go once in a while. But since my brother brought me to Fusion Taro Restaurant located in Garden View, Syuen Hotel,  i decided to save my money and have my buffet there next time. Even my mum, not a buffet lover, also planned to go for second time after the first visit on last friday. 

The view of the restaurant.

Name and table no. (=
In that restaurant, u can find varies kind of food! It's a combination of japanese, chinese, western and also local foods restaurant! Each category of food will place in their specific areas. Besides those ready cooked food, there is also corner that allow us to order the food we want and then they will serve us after the dish is ready. Besides dish like spaghetti, fried rice, sushi, tepanyaki,, they also provides mini steamboat, pizza, dim sum and fresh seafood like oyster and sashimi!   Hundred over types of food is waiting for you there. Haha.. No doubt, is really a great place to dine in if you like buffet! the price is also quite reasonable. RM49.90 per person and for senior citizens and children will have a different price.  They are now also having a promotions which is 3 persons dine in and will get another person eat for free. Means the fourth person is FOC! XD  Here is some of the photos. enjoy! Nitez.

Mini steamboat with lots of ingredients!

Prawn and squid tepanyaki. A few favor more!

Mix and matched by me. XD

Not only these, there is some more in the others corner,
but i did not manage to take the pictures. T.T

All fresh seafood! Eat as much as you can! * Tee*

Sashimi! Yummy~

On the spot make pizza! Bravo!

Pudding and cakes. =D

Before and after. Emo => satisfied! XD

The price! lolx...