Friday, September 24, 2010

My Big Day!

Hey friends! It's been a long time i din't update my blog. This is because i am busying preparing my exam last week. Finals will be end at 28th of September and i am actually having a one week gap in between the second last and the last paper. So i went home to celebrated Mid Autumn Festival with my family straight after the paper on tuesday! *Teehee* . Unfortunately, i couldn't enjoy the moonlight due to the heavy rain. T.T  The day after the mooncake festival, it's actually consider as my big day! It's my birthday in lunar calender! Being the typical chinese family , my parents prefer to celebrate on this day rather than on the exact date of birth. Thus, my family decided to bring me to a great breakfast, lunch and dinner to celebrate my big day! Yuhoo..

The very first meal we had was fish head noodles! My dad and I love fish head noodles a lot! So papa bring us to have a wonderful breakfast at one of the famous fish head noodles restaurant in Chemor! Besides having fish head noodles, papa ordered another two slices of baked bread, two half boiled egg and few fish balls for us. Then later in the afternoon, mama brought my niece and me to had our lunch at MC Donalds! Wakakaka... Mama knew i didn't eat fast food for months, so she decided to treat me fast food as my birthday present and also as a positive reinforcement to continue my less and better no fast food lifestyle. Haha.. Then after the kid's favorite meal, we went home and had some rest. We went for our dinner in around 8pm at my parents friend's restaurant with my brother and sister-in- law . Having a great dinner with lots of dishes! Yummy.. Then after dinner, my brother, sister- in- law and me finished up a bottle of red wine as the closing ceremony of my big day in the year of tiger. Roahhh~ XD Happy Birthday to me! Haha....

Although i din't received any materialized present, i am still went through a very great day with my family! This is the most precious and priceless thing in the world! I am really happy to owned all those treasures ! And Mum, Thank you ! May god bless us ! Amitabha.

My breakfast moment! ( lunch and dinner unable to capture due to forgetfulness.) 

After my last activity of the day! XD Cheers~ 


王加竣 said...

lol, happy mooncake festival and early happy birthday xD
Seem u have a very nice day ^^ congrate congrate , must be always happy ya ^^ wish smile always^^

babymushie said...

Early happy birthday to u...haha...^.^