Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where can i get this???!!!

Hey guys. Not really in good mood now ! T.T

because i saw something that i don't know how to get from here.

The things make me go super crazy lar....

It's a stitch clothes and it's palm!

I saw that in an China Online shopping bay.

Then go Goggle search for a few hours also can't find in Malaysia.

I know it can buy from here, but then i don't know how.

Can someone tell me how can i get this?  T.T

Thank you.

Stitch arrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


babymushie said...

online shoping dun have meh??

orange-wee said...

oo, cute eh, i also wanna buy, haha

XxiaO-EMo- said...

wshahaha so cute ^^!!!

王加竣 said...

wow ! cute !!!!