Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My piece of sharing........

Holla. Is in a blogging mood. Am at my another page of my life. My RAship gonna end so soon. Time really flies. A year ago, I am still wondering where to start and now its ending. Will pick up a temporarily jobs for two months. The pay is way lesser than the payment i am getting now, but i believe, i will get my so called "satisfy" payment/ job after that.HEHEHE... I am resetting my mindset now. Used to teach my boys and girls to think POSITIVELY, and I guess is time to apply the rule. Try to use these two months to clear up everything as well as charging myself up.
During the 1 year, I get to see a lot of people. And managed to get closer and try on some of the things in my workplace. My only boss teaches me, guides me a lot. Honestly, i really learned a lot from this beautiful women. I am glad to had the faith with her. I still remember clearly the way she impressed me, the moment i knew she was my supervisor, and the experiences she shared with me in the past. I knew, no one is perfect. I knew she is imperfect as well. But still, i can see her trying so hard to maintain what she had right now. Is not easy. And she is trying. Really wish to thanks her for teaching me everything. And i would like to apologize on everything that i had make a mistake in. Just wish to tell her "sometimes, sorry for being so introvert, I am not used to talk a lot , hang out and share a lot with people. So just forgive me for not going lunch with you because i am just too not use to it." Wish you all the best ! And good luck! Boss!

Time to sleep. GOOD NIGHT!