Sunday, February 27, 2011

The me that isn't me.

Haha. Things i gonna be update in my blog this time is me! But then the me that i gonna introduce to you guys later is not the real me. Why i say so? This is because I myself also can't believe that I can become  like this. First of, can you guys imagine what if i am having a long and curly hair?
For those who know me, they all know i am kinda tomboy style. If my hair suddenly when long and curly, i guess i can hear someone saying "WTF, what  happen to you?" Haha.
I am always curious on how will i look like if i am having that type of hair style and i always told my mum and D&D , i will go make my hair curly once it is long enough. But my hair still at the same length like before. O=
After a long time, my dear introduce me to hair extension.I have no idea on how it works because i didn't have any knowledge on make up or doll up myself. And with the opportunity, i manage to get myself a set of hair extension. Right on the day i own it, dear come to my room and assist me on how to wear. And after all that, i just end up with "no, i can't believe it, is so not me!"
Until now, i still feel the same, the me with hair extension and some make up, is so not me.
Now, let me present to you all, the me that isn't me. lol.Goodbye.

Is at outside.


The photo took by dear.

Look diffferent right?


This one actually cause by lighting probem.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Random post.

Lalala. this will be another random post. Saw a video from youtube on some science tricks. It's pretty cool and interesting! Wanna try some of it. Hehehe.. Here is the video! Hope you guys like it!

Oh ya. Took and edited some photos of mine. Any comment can just tell me straight. No worries! I won't eat people de! XD  Good Day!

Without ps de. Really! I Swear!

Trying to open my eyes as big as I can! 

It shouldn't be this way in the beginning. Dunno why end up like this. =0

Seems like a emo pic! Took with my lomo cam.

Lalala. Just a super ordinary photo with my new pair of spec! 
Don't beat me!

Friday, February 18, 2011


不懂为什么, 我很感触。
凡事乐观面对的我, 现在的确有点迷茫。 
唉~ 我好像什么都不是那样。

p/s:史迪仔,你长大了吗? =/

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i miss home!

When I miss home, my mood will definitely like riding roller coaster. Up and down, up and down! And it makes me goes a little bit " sot sot dei" and trying to talk nonsense!

To my blog :
" Hey baby, Hallo, long time din't update you, Sorry ! Don't angry me k? "

To my dog :
" Wowwow, i miss you! When only you give me bath you without forcing you huh? "

To my bed :
" I forgot to fold the blanket this morning, make you look untidy. Paiseh ar."

To my Daddy:
" Arhhhhhh,  I want to listen your phone ringtone lar!!"

To my mum :
" Forget to remind you this morning, laugh more, don't care those nonsense. Love your smile!"

To my Brothers :
" Drink more water larr.......and work hard larr....."

To my home :
 " I am sick. Because i miss you!"

To myself :
"  Go sleep , tomorrow early morning got class. Don't go crazy so long!"

To my readers :
" I dunno what am i  writing, so just ignore me! Haha.Nitez !"

I am going abnormal a bit today. Lock myself in my hostel for the whole day after i came back. Just because I miss home! )=  Don't worry! I will be alright. I need sleep now to end my sickness. Haha.. Good night.

Miss home......