Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My little Angel!

On 5th of September 2016, there was one little baby arrived to this fantasy world and I named her Angel. She, Yes! Is a SHE. She is my baby girl. This tiny little one was so breathtaking and stunning. 
For me, she is really sweet and lovely. If possible, I can hug her all day long, sing for her, play peekaboo with her, spend all my days and nights with her. I can be so brave and strong, all because of her. 
Frankly speaking, having baby at this age is not a plan of mine, My little Angel came so sudden and shocked me. Without giving me preparation, I became a pregnant lady. However, this is really a very great experience. The feeling of a tiny little man growing in the womb,the feeling of baby kicking..Seeing my tummy growing bigger and bigger month by month.. all those wonderful feeling were so miraculous. 
During  pregnancy,  my hubby and I met some family issues and eventually I am undergoing a very big emotional changes during that period. I still remember during my 8th month pregnancy, I cried and argued with hubby so much. The disappointment and sadness moments were so horrified and tired.  But my little Angel made me felt that I am not alone. She seems to know what was happening and stay so quiet and steady during the fight. When we had done with the fight and during the calm down period, she will kick me gently, and give me respond by kicking me when I talk to her. All these made me felt so warm and healing. I guess without her, I might call a divorce with my hubby during that critical moment. 
Before she was born, I always ask myself, how will she look like? will she look like me or her daddy ? As usual, no answer will be given on these kind of imaginary questions. Haha.. And on the 32th month of pregnancy, we took the first and only ultrasound face image of her. And my first respond was " Oh my gosh, my baby is having a same nose as mine, the bridge of the nose was very low like mine. Aiyor.." Haha.. Just so memorable.
Angel is a gift to me. I believed, she is an angel from heaven and looking for a mummy whom she felt good and comfortable with, then come and protect her. As return, I will also protect her with my life. Hope that she can be a healthy, strong and wonderful girl in future. My Angel, love you so much. 
2 days old Angel

2 weeks old Angel! "Put your hands up!"



Full moon flower bath!

Happy day! After bath!

Little meow meow~

Super outing!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016