Saturday, February 19, 2011

Random post.

Lalala. this will be another random post. Saw a video from youtube on some science tricks. It's pretty cool and interesting! Wanna try some of it. Hehehe.. Here is the video! Hope you guys like it!

Oh ya. Took and edited some photos of mine. Any comment can just tell me straight. No worries! I won't eat people de! XD  Good Day!

Without ps de. Really! I Swear!

Trying to open my eyes as big as I can! 

It shouldn't be this way in the beginning. Dunno why end up like this. =0

Seems like a emo pic! Took with my lomo cam.

Lalala. Just a super ordinary photo with my new pair of spec! 
Don't beat me!

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babymushie said...

nice it...^.^