Sunday, September 12, 2010

Awesome outing.

Rah rah ah ah ah ~ rum mah rum mah mah ~ ga ga oh la la ~ want your bad romance. The most craziest song of the day. Four of us gone super crazy because of that song. LoL. Gaga rockx ~!! XD Meet with my gang of  "ji mui" which is lavi, patpat and sook wai last thursday. Although not complete, because hamyu not there, we still had lots of fun that day. Meet up at Ipoh Parade and went for a singing session at K- Box.

After graduated from secondary school, this is the third time i meet up with them. So sorry girls, because of my personal problems, i missing in action for quite some times. I am so glad that you girls still remember me even though  i "disappear"  for a long time. *Touched* (=

You girls are much more prettier than last time! Serious!  hehe.. After that meet up, i recall a lot of happy moments with you girls. The tuition moment with Cikgu Azizah, those outings and so on. Haiz.. all these moments keep on reminding me that i am getting older. No more joking around all the time, a lot of responsibilities are waiting for us. We are turning to adult very soon! =.=

No matter how, looking forward for next meet up although still have no confirm date. Haha.. Hope you girls stay happy and pretty always. Will miss you girls all the time! Muackxxxxx!!!! Love ya!

*Some photos of that day. Not that clear because of camera problem. Paiseh*

The drinks and snack we had! (=

Girl girl lavi & me

Hehe.. Pat & me

Wai wai & me

On the way back ~miss them !

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babymushie said...

wah...i long time din c them ald...^.^