Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Buffet Dinner at Syuen Hotel.

Hey friends, tell you something.Wakaka... i found a place to have a fantastic buffet dinner. As a buffet lover, I always wonder where should i go to have a great buffet dinner? For me, the main concern is always the price! Buffet normally rate from RM 20++ to RM100++. The cheapest is always the steamboat buffet which is the only buffet i can afford to go once in a while. But since my brother brought me to Fusion Taro Restaurant located in Garden View, Syuen Hotel,  i decided to save my money and have my buffet there next time. Even my mum, not a buffet lover, also planned to go for second time after the first visit on last friday. 

The view of the restaurant.

Name and table no. (=
In that restaurant, u can find varies kind of food! It's a combination of japanese, chinese, western and also local foods restaurant! Each category of food will place in their specific areas. Besides those ready cooked food, there is also corner that allow us to order the food we want and then they will serve us after the dish is ready. Besides dish like spaghetti, fried rice, sushi, tepanyaki,, they also provides mini steamboat, pizza, dim sum and fresh seafood like oyster and sashimi!   Hundred over types of food is waiting for you there. Haha.. No doubt, is really a great place to dine in if you like buffet! the price is also quite reasonable. RM49.90 per person and for senior citizens and children will have a different price.  They are now also having a promotions which is 3 persons dine in and will get another person eat for free. Means the fourth person is FOC! XD  Here is some of the photos. enjoy! Nitez.

Mini steamboat with lots of ingredients!

Prawn and squid tepanyaki. A few favor more!

Mix and matched by me. XD

Not only these, there is some more in the others corner,
but i did not manage to take the pictures. T.T

All fresh seafood! Eat as much as you can! * Tee*

Sashimi! Yummy~

On the spot make pizza! Bravo!

Pudding and cakes. =D

Before and after. Emo => satisfied! XD

The price! lolx...

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