Thursday, June 2, 2011

eager to let it out.

Dear bloggiee, how are you? wanna tell eu something. These few days were having a lot of mixed feeling. Maybe because i am too free to think or what lerr.. and I don't like the feeling of hiding something from my dearest family or friends. I got a lot of thing wanna share with you. I just cannot tell you. Everything i did i just wish to tell you, but you are having your problem. I don't wish that my things put you into trouble (maybe i just scared rejection, who knows??!!). I don't know how will you react this time, and I also don't know what will happen if i tell you the exact story.  But I know, i am kinda serious this time. Sigh. No point BS +ing here. Might tell you when the time come. Can't get my self into peace now, better off and go to sleep. Nites everyone. Nites my bloggiee.. IMU!

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