Sunday, July 11, 2010


After few days of rest, ya. I am back. Min is here! Sore throat ran away from me but cough love me a lot. It still don't feel like leaving me. However, I am okay already. Haha. Nothing much to do, besides sleep, eat and play, i really didn't do any others thing. Tomorrow i will be having my "Life Span Development" midterm test, but it seems like i still go steady, is just like kinda a happy go lucky thought. Haha. These  few days i really sleep a lot. Almost sleep for 12 hours per day. In fact, i love to sleep. Haha. My siblings used to call me pig whenever i sleep more than usual. lolx..

I took this when i woke up this morning. XD

Oh ya. Actually i cut my hair last week. Dear and Mr.R give me a big respond when they saw me. For me, i doesn't feel much different because i just cut the bangs and some split ends only. But i shocked them a lot by cutting these two parts. Haha. I also bought myself a MP4 in 1st July. Bought it for no reason but love it a lot. It is blue in colour. It is also my favourite colour. Des dear also bought one in different colour. Haha. Both of us bought that thing for no reason. OMG. Haha. Here are some photos with my MP4 and my cut hair. That's all for now. Good luck for those who are having the same test with me. All the best ya. ^-^

Can't see clearly how was the bangs.

With my MP4.

Aha.. Here is it. How was my new hairstyle?
Not much different right?


XxiaO-EMo- said...

dear.. ur hair very fast long lehhh... Sunday saw u... different from now XD hahaha.. so fast long jor ^_^ kekeke :D

王加竣 said...

==, say real d, I really didnt feel much different >.<, cham lor , my eyes got problem T.T

王加竣 said...

and ~ haha , wan compare sleep , u sure lose to me d lar ~ xD hahahaha

babymushie said...

haha...i really din c much difference from the photoes...but it is still very nice...^.^