Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New lens.

Again, i have a new lens. haha. Actually those lens are not own by me, but Mr. R. haha..  Get those lens this evening at Pos Laju main office at Ipoh. Haha. Going back to Ipoh to took the lens is a sudden decide between dear and I. Along the journey, both of us keep on chatting on the topic on Online Business. haha.. The way we talk is just like we already part of them. Wahaha.. If i got the chance, I will definitely give a try on it. Seriously!!

Okay. Enough.Back to the lens. lolx..As usual, order by dear dear, one of them is animated eye which is blue in colour. Is GEO brand. Haha.. And the other one is pink  lens. I had try on the animated eye lens. Erm.. Mr. R  say i look quite scary with that pair of eyes. How about you? Is it that scary? XD Good night!

More or less the same pose. Sorry.. I am bad in posing.

Mr.R say i look like a vampire! GRrrrr~


XxiaO-EMo- said...

very yeng a!!! i like!

王加竣 said...

lol, dun bite me !!! saya busuk !!!