Saturday, July 10, 2010


Is been here at Kampar 2 years, but I didn't had much photo about Kampar. Always heard people saying that Kampar is a dry place, has no entertainment at all, Mc Donalds also don't have, really a 'kampung' place. However, a lot of people love to choose here to continue their study simply just because the environment. Our campus is surrounding by lakes and hills. Few species of birds love to fly here. We can even see cows everywhere. My University owns a very great design and i love it very much. The weather here is quite unstable, shinny morning but rain heavily in the evening. During Chinese New Year seasons, Kampar is even hotter than usual. Haha. Not much to talk, just let the photos tell us the story about some of the places in Kampar! 

A photo from me, sunny day!

The sky is so nice that day! 

views from Kampar square.


Lakeside. a great place to chat around!

Another view of the lake inside UTAR.

The colour of the sky is so adorable! Love it! 

One of the block view of Utar.

The staircase of Utar. 

The other block!

Utar Block A!  fantastic!

There are actually quite a number of photos here but due to the time problem, i just can show you all that much of photos. Sorry! Oh ya.. a credit to my dear dear Des, because some of the photos above were took by her! She is really a pro in snapping photo! ^-^ Thank you and good night.

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