Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hey, hello! a week did not update my blog. Haha.. Sorry IF there is someone waiting for my new post. Everything goes fine with me. How about you guys? I am now officially year two students already. Time go fast without waiting. Do you guys precious every moment in the past? For me, I would say , i am trying. I did appreciate a lot of moment with everyone beside me, but I am also left out a lot of things. Because of the left out, so i am trying. Haha.  Be with you guys already a year here, the bond between us become stronger and stronger, but , some bonds are going weaker and weaker too when times goes on. No matter how, I would like to thank all of you for being with me all the time! Forgive me if i did something that hurt you all, i am not purposely de!

Ptptn (my study loans) was out last tuesday. At last, it come! if not , i really don't know how my mum can get out from the financial problem. Thank god! I brought my self a textbook and it cost me RM63. It's really expensive, but i have a very strong feeling that the book is very useful for me in the future. Haha.. Plan to buy the other textbook as reference book,but the price of the book make me to hold up my plan first. The price is RM123 per book. Really OMG. Is better to think clearly first. I has not much money to use because i brought my self two new pairs of contact lens. One of it is on brown colour and the other one is in purple colour. Thank dear for helping choose and match the colour for me and help me order it. And she is the one who teach me how to wear the lens ! ありがとうございます,dear!

I am wearing the brown colour lens! But because of my camera ,
 it cant seen clearly. Sorry !

I am actually wearing lens in those photo, but cannot see properly. Once again,sorry!


XxiaO-EMo- said...

waa.. nice edit dear!! ^_^!! hehehe..... muax muax!

kahzhing said...

these photo are nice and pretty ^^