Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bad day!

I am totally not in mood today! I really don't know whether i am unlucky or too lucky. I have absolutely no idea on what is happening! arghh!!! Firstly, i poked my leg last night. I did not care much on it because it is just a small cut,put a plaster on it and continue my thing.Well, i feel the pain from the wound this morning. My mum asked me to consult doctor because it can be a serious matter if it is glass pieces. Alright, went to the clinic, and yea, it's glass pieces. The doctor taken out 4 pieces of glasses from that small little tiny hole and the one of them is nearly 0.8cm long. I am really shocked when i know that, because the wound is really very tiny and small. How it can hide 4 pieces of glasses inside?! WTH~ No matter how, thank god that my leg is okay now. And also thanks to the doctor.

With a hurting leg, went to campus to attend classes. While on the way to class, i went to check out my bike which i left on campus last week. And~~ FML, my bike is no longer there. The first feeling that i had is, denial. I deny that my bike is not missing, keep searching on it,  walk around a few times at the same place to looked for my bike. After rounds of searching, Yea, it's missing. I nearly cry at that moment. Luckily Des dear is with me that time. Thank you dear. Called my mum straight after that and surprisingly, my parent din't scold me for my carelessness at all! Their cares and worries make me feel much more calming and touched. Mum and Dad, both of you are really great parents! I love you!

I am really sad that my bike is no longer with me. I love it so much. And it leave me without giving me any signal. That was my very first personal bike. A present from my parent when i start my tertiary study here. T.T Heng!!I curse the one who took my bike, fall down whenever he or she ride bicycle. However, this incident actually brings me some joy too. My mum, dad and two bad brothers take turns to called me and laugh at me. I can sense their cares. Thank you mummy, daddy and gor gor. I sense it! seriously ! Love you all! I am okay already. Don't worry about me ya. good night!

The only photo of my bike~i miss you! 


Nite_ shinigami said...

take care ya...
dun sad sad le... everything will b alrite... sumore u gt so many ppl who care u so much bside u ^^

王加竣 said...

take care oh , so worry but good to hear u are alright

XxiaO-EMo- said...

sayang deardear~ don't sad ner~ if not i have to call penguin 'grief counseling' for u ><"~~~