Sunday, December 19, 2010

The power of photo shooting angle!

Lalala.. It's middle of the night now. Nothing to do. So i decided to blog on the power of shooting angle. My point of shooting angle is the angle used when taking photos. I guess everyone know about that. I am too late. Hahaha.. Well, i am not an expert in taking photo, I don't know anything in photo shooting.  I just know how capture the things i want. Lol. Not going to share anything on professionals perspectives, because i don't know a single thing in that. Just going to share with you all my piece of opinion.

I love to take photos on myself and i admit i am narcissist since form 4. After taking photos for such a long time, i realized the angle used when shooting plays a powerful role. If you take in a perfect angle, the photo actually look very great! The excessive meat from the face or anywhere that makes the person look plump will go away if the angle used is correct! No need photoshop or edit the photo and will look great in it. Seriously! No joke. Just try a few angles when shooting and see the differences!

Here is some of my photos with different angle. No photoshop before! and these photos even my mom also don't believe is me. The power of shooting angle. Just to share! Don't beat me! XD Good night.  

Front .

Side .

slightly high angle. XD

On the bed.

Used the sepia effect. i love this.

Front down. XD

with the used of mirror.

High angle.

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王加竣 said...

>.<ll, u r too professional le lar @@ haha