Monday, August 23, 2010

Family gathering!

My brother organised a very great lunch for us today. It's actually consider a small gathering and also a little farewell party for my cousin sister. She will be leaving Malaysia soon and work in Dubai for another years. So  my brother purposely call her out and have lunch with her today. A total of 3 families were there in the gathering. haha.. It's been a long time i didn't attend such a wonderful family gathering already. Having much fun to see all of them enjoy their meals and chatting around with one another.  Especially those kids. We went to KonSong restaurant and have our meal. Nice environment and great food. haha.. The price is also very reasonable. Although not every family member attended, but still is very happy to actually have a little gathering once a while. Here is some photos . Not much because i get caught by those foods. XD lol...Looking forward for another family gathering, so that i can take more photos next time. Muahahaha.. Good night and all the best to my cousin sister. Love you~

My cousin sister will kill me if she know i call her elderly person. XD shhh..

The 3 kids ~

 the precious moment!

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