Monday, August 9, 2010

Nothing special but you!

Another week i din't update my blog.Sorry. Hmm, went through a little busy week last week. Haha.. Although is quite tired, it brings me sweet times in some ways too. This coming week can consider a little relax week, not much thing to rush, but definitely it will be the most nervous week for me in my life. Know what?! I am one of the emcee on the moral campaign we having this friday. I have no idea why and how the things will go on.FML.  Haiz.. just ignore that feeling. Now say what also no use, just can get myself well prepare to minimize the errors on that day. May god bless me! Amitabha~

Oh yea, Mr.R came and visit me last week! He is always so lovely and considerate. Having a lot of fun time with him! We both went to funfair, went to pasar malam, went to watch scenery, bla bla bla.. In that two days, he  accompany me to do a lot things that he is not familiar with without any grumbles. He accompany me walk all the way from hostel to campus and then back home, he play alone at cc for 5 hours just to wait my class end, he accompany me until late night to get my assignment done and  he even accompany me to class with the risk of getting caught just because to support me. Mr.R., I am really very happy to have you by my side! Love you~

Hmm~ yea, is a flu season now, drink more water and take more rest ya, do take care ! Good night!

* Here are some photos on both of us. *wee* ^-^

Hehe~ having durians as dinner!

Have a great time at Vegas!

went for a walk at the roof  top of GKH, but kena halau by guard!
because we are not their customer. >,<

Nice or not? DIY shoes!! Can wear de!!! XD

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