Monday, March 15, 2010

1,2,3 Start

Welcome and good day to anyone who are viewing my blog now. A very thank you for your visiting. As what had shown in the title, i am a new user and just starting to learn blogging. Get the inspired to blog after visiting my dear friend blog. I hope that i can continue to do this in the coming day because I always do things for 3 minutes only. That's the bad habit that I still maintain it for no reason. =.= Today is a pretty hard day for me. Not feeling quite well. Missed the 3 classes and rest for the whole day in my hostel. Add on, it was raining for the whole afternoon. It actually ruin my mood off with the rain. I will feel quite unhappy whenever it is raining, especially for those which keep raining for a few hours. Going to do my assignment and prepared for my Japanese midterm test tomorrow right after this. Miss my parents and my siblings a lot. Hope to see them in the next second, but that is impossible. Because I am in Kampar, which is where I am having my tertiary study now. However, i will try my best to get all the things done by today. That's all for my very first post! Gambateh and All the best!!!!!


kahzhing said...

ur mood will ruin when rainning ? lol~ y u hate rainning so much ? haha , fast fast recover and +u in assignment and midterm ya ^^~

christy said...

kakaka...come in kacau-kacau~

siewmin said...

hahaha... thanks for coming !!!