Wednesday, May 18, 2011

알았어 (Are-rart-Suh)

The word that make me remind of you! Lol. A short post for you for now. Hehe.. Just wanna say, the memory with you and you and you, i will definitely not forget! The first ever international friend i had in my life time. Glad to know you! Impressed by you and your style. Very happy to spend the past 6 days with you! And thanks a lot for everything that you did to us! I will miss you all the time!!My 'daddy',  remember, work hard and play hard! All the best to you! Are- rart- Suh? love ya.

our memory.

my daddy. =]

just love this pic for no reason!

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王加竣 said...

wow, ur blog design surpriced me ~ haha