Sunday, July 10, 2011

my roommate!!

Ahhemm..(*clear throat* ) I am here to announced, SHE is now my roommate! da, da da,..(*wedding song playing*) XD  Small intro for her. SHE is a girl who likes to act like a boy. SHE is an adolescence who like claimed herself as a teenager. SHE is a crazy person with lots of emotion. SHE is a lovely person with lots of care. SHE is a popular person with lots of fans. (and i am one of them.). I share everything with her, and now she not only my dear, baby, bao bei, sister, kei jie, mummy, school mate, working partner, toilet mate, car mate, indonesian maid, SHE is also my roommate! Muhahahaha... LILY!!!!!  

OKay.. my goal for this post had achieved. Going to get kill soon by my roommate. Night world. STAY PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!

Shhh.. Oioi lor..(= 

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王加竣 said...

lol, so bad ah ~haha