Thursday, November 3, 2011

Heart breaker.

I miss you, i miss you, i miss you and you and you and you and you. I miss everyone of you in the house. But sadly, i don't have the urge to go home. The problem is not with others, but with me. The moment i reach home, i am sure that i can definitely feel the warm from all of you. But, there is always a but. I admit that i am trying to run away from problems. Seeing that you get "bully" by your beloved person, and i actually cant do anything on it making me feel bad. I know i am a psychology students, but i cant apply what i learned to my life. Seeing you suffered for years, and now the situation and people around get worsen making me damn not comfortable. I dislike people twisted the truth and still dare to complain a lot ,critic here and there and act like they are god and good in everything!i dislike those 'innocent/naive' people who actually was the most evil man pretending in everything! i cannot accept those people with genuine heart! i can't apply any empathy understanding on these kind of shit people! for me, seeing you not defending yourself just because of the blood connection towards you and them,make me feel so pain. Because they aren't appreciating what you are doing. Just wonder, when can these piece of crap stop.. is it really need to wait till the old lady give out her last breath only you all satisfy and keep quiet? I do believe in KARMA. And sorry. i took a very selfish move which i just choose to stay away and keep my eye shut so that i don't know everything. But if things doesn't get better and if my superwomen drop her tears once again on this, i guess i cant keep myself silent any more. Pray hard for having strength and intelligent to face this and protect the person i wish to protect. Amitaba.


christy said...

stay strong babe :)

XxiaO-EMo- said...

social support. family support. it is hard to keep ur eyes closed no matter how much you try to ignore the problem. be there for her, i'm sure she'll appreciate that even if it seems like a small act only. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

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