Thursday, June 26, 2014

5 Days in Taipei

Okay. Today, I would like to share with you guys some of the great moments i had in Taipei. =D My Boy and I went to Taipei end of February this year for a vacation. Still remember, the temperature in Malaysia was around 30° C and the temperature in Taiwan that time was around 22° C during day time and it dropped to 15° C when at night. For both of us, we hardly stand the cool temperature at night. Muscle cramp during sleep, and actually he went sick on the 2nd day. Luckily, we still progress smoothly. XD
Erm... Let's start from here. We took the 10am plane to Taiwan. Basically, that was my first flight. Super nervous and excited and blur on every procedures. Still remember, the night before, his shop closed at 10pm and we still *ginger enough* and go Yumcha with Lin until 1am. When reached home, take some rest, then we straight away drive to airport on 3am. Do rest in between and reached on 6.30am. Because of the first time, i bacame clumsy little fella in everything. Still i managed to settled everything on time before onboard *ngek ngek*. Honestly, i am freaking scared while in the plane but i am just too tired to care due to the lack of sleep. My boy and i take turn to sleep in that four plus hours. 
Reached Taoyuan Airport in the afternoon. Checked out around 3.30pm and reached hotel before 5pm by bus. We stayed at Yomi Hotel for four nights. The location of the hotel really quite good. You can reach to public transport easily. Near to Metro station, lots of shop lots and restaurants around the hotel. There is also a few bus stop and a night market near the hotel. It's all within walking distance. The hotel is recommendable. Good location, good services as well as nice environment. Comfortable stay. 
During the few days, we did went to a lot of places. Took some pictures. Will showed later. Hope you guys love it. The expenses for the whole trip was below RM3000/per person (included flight tickets and accomodation). For me, it definitely worth that price. And we are planning to go again next year with two others friends. Hehehehe.... Hope to go places that we didn't manage to go on our next visit. Thank god for the safe and pleasant vacation. That's all. Loye ya. Stay peace. (=
**Here's some photos. Only able to showed part of it (too many to upload). Do Enjoy ya!

Eye bags so obvious nehhh..............

Just love this so much. The sky is just so blue....(=

The meal that warms my heart in the sky.

Random photos on the streets and foods. *Hmmm....*

Okay.. Need to show face again. XD

Some of the places we went. 

台北故宫。Too much to see and experience.

Not to forget. The Taipei 101. Signature landmark. (=
I am actually very lucky to see the 1600 pandas in Taipei. Some more, it's the open ceremony neh... *muahahha*

The palce i loved so so so much. 中正纪念堂。
Another random photos. 
Okay.. Selfie time!!!!! Mandy, Mandy, Mandy......
This guy no selfie. *Blekkk*

This is the four hours that i did during my way back. Memories rock!

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