Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A way to increase blog's traffic!

Hello all. I would like to share new thing ( for me =.=) to all of you. Have you ever heard of TWIENDS? It is actually a place where you can growth your online community group. Twiends has been built to provide twitter and facebook users with a compliant, ethical, and responsible way of growing their online communities.It is actually a place provides introductions to people looking for friends and followers. Twiends used the credit system to work out their theme. It's Free.

I joined them yesterday, and what surprising me was my blog's traffic increased suddenly. The viewers number is actually 10x more than my usual blog viewers. Here is my blog analytics. Really OMG..

Really 10x more.

I did feel that is a very effective way to increase my blog's traffic and also my twitter followers. It may also helps in making friends all around the world in a short time. However, for those who prefer quality viewers, i guess this system doesn't help much. haha.

Interested? Let's join. It's totally FREE. Here is the link. TWIENDS .Nitez.

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