Monday, August 8, 2011

NO Title.

Went for a movie just now with my dear dear.. Thought will have a great night with her, but the movie end up with WTF. Ya. The movie name was " Love is the only answer", a hong kong movie. Actually i don't know what was the point and the whole concept of the movie. The reason for me to watch that movie was actually i like the main actress.. the movie din't have a good and happy ending make me feel so unfinished. I dislike no ending or those movie end up with no ending de. After the movie, we just feel like the movie was kinda misleading and really not a good act to follow at all. but the laughing effect was good enough! just love the way they express themselves.  Anyway.. i am still having a very great night with my dear dear mommy roomate sister.  LILY. <3
The ring i bought few days ago. (=

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XxiaO-EMo- said...

I no likey the ending lorhhh D; aiyer~ but have fun with youuuuu <3 hehehe LILY <3