Thursday, August 4, 2011


No mood at all for now.. i am very curious.... Am i thinking too much or i am having problems with myself? When my life is stepping into the 21st  year, day by day, my mood was like sitting on a roller coaster. Changed damn fast. Before this, I am a happy goes lucky person. But this theory doesn't suit me anymore. Sometimes.. something happen, doesn't mean that you treat it like nothing happen then the thing will be okay. The more i don't care, the more i sensed the invisibility of me to the surrounding. Who am I to you all? Who? Strangers, or passer by? or i only exist when you all need my help. The sense of invisible make me feel damn bad. I am just like nothing to you all. Sometimes i even think of izzit my physical or mental got problem? maybe.........
both of the J's make me calm down a lot. (=


Xiao Xin Xin said...

Hey are not ntg to me...
Wanna tell u that I am always there to support you.
YOU ARE NOT NOTHING!!! YOU ARE SOMEONE IMPORTANT!!! don't think that you are unimportant.

You are always visible, I can see you d!!! So don't think that you are invisible and ppl cant see what u do ya..^.^

XxiaO-EMo- said...

I SEE YOU ! ! ! ! <3

XxiaO-EMo- said...

LILY always!

Franky Jye said...

you too big for me.. always think of you and miss you 1. dun worry la.. haha..