Sunday, October 23, 2011


我好像没有我想像中好。 我好像做什么都不对。 我好像说什么都不合人家的心意。 我好像很自私自利。 我好像不再讨人喜欢。 心情一直没办法好起来。 每时每刻都在想问题出在哪里。想说为什么人家可以这样那样,我却不能。老实说到头来,这样的想法只会把自己逼上一条绝望的路。我好想你真的能谅解我的难处,可是我曾经也让你为难过。我好想你能不要在生气时乱乱骂,可是我又能做些什么。我好想讨你欢心,可是我好像只是在讨你讨厌。 对自己的信心,一天比一天差。 时常告诉自己你说的都是气话,没有正真的含意,可是那种杀伤力却是无比庞大。一些话,仍然历历在目。不敢再让你知道我很介意你的话,因为我知道你不是真的完全是那个意思,我的介意,只会换来你的抗拒。 我只想和你简简单单的。 我只想偶尔听下你对我的赞美,我只想彼此有了对方会更快乐。我,似乎太贪心了。晚安。


王加竣 said...

It is not everything u think is truth, don't ever make ur imagination become truth in no time, seek for ur real answer, no matter what is the answer u will feel much better,it is much better instead of guessing what may be the truth and it will make u insane by keep guessing the truth that u cant know unless u ask.
Have a well and peace discuss with the person involve in this problem, it may greatly reduce ur stress level.
However , it is all my suggestion ,u can choose not to do so, remember,the last decision is always on ur hand, stay calm when make any decision, stop making any decision when ur emotion is not stable.
Take care , my dear friend, I wish u could stay smile always as before.^^

XxiaO-EMo- said...

dear, you know i'm always here for you if you need anyone to talk, to beat, to hug, to cry on, or just to be there. I'll be there. I'll stand by you.

xiao xin xin said...

hey dear...
you are always good~~
i know sometimes some ppl might hurt u badly~~
but please rmb that it doesnt mean that u are not good~~

always there for you~~
support support ^.^

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