Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My new lappie .

Previous post was a post regarding the lost of my apple baby. And now, i just wanna introduce my new lappie to all. Muahahaha.. Ya.. I bought a new lappie. My previous lappie screen spoiled last month. I know is not a necessary to buy a new laptop as my old one can still be used by attaching it with a external monitor. But it really turned me into trouble whenever i need to use computer outside. After a long discussion with my mum , my brother and my boy, at last, i decided to sell my apple baby and buy a new lappie. it's really a hard decision for me. Till now, i still can't get my self into it. I just too used to my apple baby. haiz... However, my new lappie "VV" did cheer me up a little. Hahaha.. 

VV, was another lappie from DELL. My family is quite a dell supporter. The 3rd laptop from DELL.  Vostro model. It is really nice. Not a very pro laptop for those professional laptop user, but for me, it is really amazing. just love it !!!!!Nothing much to say! Know it when you use it! Damn Amazing.  =]

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XxiaO-EMo- said...

Picture of VV please :D