Friday, April 23, 2010


Friday is always the best day for me. I love Friday a lot. But today is quite a tired day for me. Went back to hometown in the morning and straight went to the bank after my mum get me at bus stand. My mum go get her things done and i am the one who are responsible to take care of my niece. That naughty girl today really full of energy. Keep kacau me for the whole evening. Last night i slept for around 6 hours and after the bus journey, i am really very sleepy. Thought of getting a nap after reached home, but that baby girl are so manja today and causes me did not manage to get a nap and need to play with her for the whole evening. She is really super active. OMG. The journey today is not that smooth. The bus i sat broke down half way and we ( the passengers) need to change bus. The other bus bus driver really make me pissed off. While we walk from the first bus to the second bus, the bus driver drove the bus away, and stop. Once we enter the bus, he keep scolding us, said we walk so slow, like going to die like that. Hey, don't he see that we are all carrying our bags and the bags are really heavy! Haiz. Forget about it. No big deal. Haha. Just now one of my best friend message me and asking for dinner. Hey buddy, i am at Ipoh lar. XD Miss them so much !! Want to know who are they? Haha.. 

Tahhh -- Dannnngggg!!! 

This is Des dear dear!

Darling Yee ~~~ ^^

He is the pet! J~

Papa and Xiao Jie! ^^

Actually got a few more, but i din't have thier photo! So... Sorry guys --> okzai, weei and ck.. Haha.. Thats all for today , good night!

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kahzhing said...

haha, jye sms u d , is it? xD ,haha,bus driver sometime is like tat d lar , dun care about it^^
so bad lar u , forget me , teck weei and ck ~ very sad la !!~ T.T , good night