Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Straight hair.

Wake up early in the morning, don't know what to do and started to missing my mama. She is so lovely, caring and cute no matter what she do. Even though i did some small little things, she will be very panic. Haha.. I cut my hair when i accompany my gang of very best friend to Ipoh in a day in March and this is it.

I feel that it is not bad and quiet happy with it. Went home happily last friday but my mum shocked when she saw me. She ask me what did i do to my hair and why is it my hair look like the grasses beside the road. Actually i feel quite strange when my mum said that. What i thought was my hair look very nice but my mum say it is bad. She started to mumbling and say want to bring me to saloon the next day to "rescue" my hair. I was thinking like "what?! is it that terrible and need to "rescue" it? OMG! ". went to saloon the next day and the stylist check my hair. After checking, she give me two choices, whether cut it or straighten it. My mum did not say anything at that time and at last i decided to straighten my hair. Decision making done and it turns to action taking. Haha.. Sat there for few hours and finally my hair done. The mission of " rescuing " complete and turn on to the process of paying money. It costs me RM100 but my mum pay for me. Mummy, Thank you, I love You. My mum also brought me  a set of Shampoo+conditioner so that i can take care of my hair. Really a caring mama. *hugs*  She was so satisfy with my straighten hair and she also order me not to cut my hair again without her permission. What a lovely mum. ^^  love her so much! And here is the result. 

Seems like not much different but it changed a lot in my mum opinion. Love to see her smile and listen to her laughter. May she be free from any anger and anxious, live happily and healthy always. She is always my superwomen!

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=,='' so pretty jor ~