Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yesterday, went back to Ipoh all the way from Kampar by my own. The journey was not bad and i reached safety here. *weee* Woke up quite late yesterday and walk all the way from my hostel to bus stop and that small journey took me 15 minutes plus. Its was a sunny day, the sun are bright and hot. However, i enjoyed a lot. Sometimes, walking alone can be very comfortable and peace. I like to be alone sometimes because i love to enjoy the loneliness and peaceful moment. Reached bus stop around 12 noon and very unlucky, it was lunch hour. No bus work at that moment. I waited for one and a half hour and finally i managed to get a bus at 1.35pm. So Happy! Although the whole journey was walk all by myself, it doesn't mean that i am alone. When i am on my way to the bus stop, there are a lot of people around me, they are going to the same area also,the difference it just the way we go. Some of them go by car, some of them by motor and i go there by walking. I am not alone! When waiting at the bus stop, i am not alone! The other people are also waiting for the same bus with me. When i am in the bus, I am not alone. Because some of them are going to the same destination like me. It is just like our life. We need to walk the journey of life all by ourself, but actually we are not alone. It seems like we are having no one, but all of them are around us doing the same thing, with different way only. Journey, might be long and tough to complete, but for me, i will not give up because i know you all will accompany me to finish it. Hehe...Guys and girls, still have long way to go. Remember, you are not alone, i'll will be with you~! Go, Go, Go!

Here are some of the photo i took yesterday. Mostly are me. XD  Thanks for viewing. Enjoy!

While waiting bus~ ^^
Min's journey~~~

The wind was strong when in the bus!! Arghhh!!

Playing with my phone camera effects. Here comes bright+++++ !

This is the Black & White

The cooling effects!

alright alright~ Back to normal ! haha..


kahzhing said...

lol,glad that u reach safely~ haha, u r so free lor , took so many photo~ nt bad nt bad , quite pretty but hor ~ seem like u going to become cute panda lor ~ hahahahaha

BunZ said...

cute panda???? cute "barbarian" maybe. HAHAHAHAHAHA. =D