Friday, April 9, 2010

Home~ sweet home!!!

Today is Friday and this is basically a stupid sentences. Haha. Finally, i am at my home now after one week in Kampar. haha. Reach Hometown around 4.15pm and meet up with my mama at Mc. Donalds. When my dear Des and I are on the way back to Ipoh, we chat a lot of funny things inside the car. Haha.  Saw my mum's car when i reached and I was so happy at that moment because i can be with my mama baba and my family members in the coming weekend. Yuhoo..!! Wake near the car, and saw a babysit inside the car,and i am very sure that my cute niece is with my mama. She is just so adorable! I was melted by her very very innocent smile and my mama's smile too.

Here comes the cutie. 

This small little girl is 1+years old. Still cannot speak word properly but she likes to talk. When she saw me , she immediately give me a very warm and excited smiley face . I was like, awww, so warm. She keep on calling me when i am getting in to the car and wanted me to hug her by lifting her hand up to the sky. XD Brings her down to McD and brought my mum a burger for her lunch and a cup of ice-cream for myself. Yummy! Reach home around 4.45pm and play with my niece for half an hour. After that my mama wants her go for a nap and she just ignored my mama by keep playing her toys. My mama was like wanted to angry but cannot because she always makes people laugh in the next minutes. Haha.. Baba comes home around 6pm and i shocked him. He is so surprise that seeing me at home and again, this man smile melted my heart.
Mama and Baba are now attending dinner and left my bro, dai sou and me in the house. Our dinner tonight was only Maggi Mee. However, this bowl of mee already enough for me to warm my heart.

Although my family is not a rich family, i am happy with it because it brings us rely on each others. Although we are not living in banglo, we feel warm in this smaller house. Although we are not capable to have a higher standard of lifestyle, at least we are capable to love each other without calculating anything which many others family cannot achieve in this. Seeing everyone in the house smile happily is the most lovely thing for me. No matter what problems we are facing outside, it will become no problem when the moment we are in home.  Baba, Mama, gor gor , dai sou and baby girl i love you all! I am so grateful that god gave me such a warm family to be with. Thank God!

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kahzhing said...

-,- '' make me think of my youngest brother jor ~ tat maggi photo make me hungry la ~ == haha, somemore , ur house very big lor !!! Enjoy ur family day ^^