Saturday, May 22, 2010

Crazy K.L trip!

Hey everyone, I am back! I am missing in action in the past few days, got miss me? I guess no~ Haha. Last week, i went all the way down to KL and had a very nice trip there with my boy boy, darling, papa and my gang of friend. However, my dear dear did not join us because of some personal reason, so sad !!! Spent a lot of money but is worth! Lolx. Here start my story~! Erm~ and it's only part one~

16th of May, Journey begin~
Sunny ( Soon zai ) and me reach KTM train station aroun 5.45pm. Then meet with Jye & Okzai in the train at Kampar train station. Haha. We chat a lot of things and joking around all the way to KL. and finally, we reach Kepong Sentral at 8.40pm. Meet up with my boy boy (Rex) at the station and wait for Yee in  train station. After darling Yee is here, we then go to the near by restaurant and have our steamboat as dinner! Hmmm~ Yummy! but i forget to take photo, so no photo to share with. T.T That night rain heavily and we need to wet our self up and run back to the train station again because of rushing for train to so home. 

The next day, which is the 17th of May, we went to Sunway Lagoon and play crazily for 7 hours non-stop in it. Although the entrance ticket is quite expensive, but for me, i feel that that is worth. I get the chance to play a lot of things inside and I can also see a lot of secret scene among us while playing. HAHA.. We get to know a guy from don't know whether is from Saudi Arabia or Canada when we are playing. Because of some reason, we did not manage to take photo with him and his wife. T.T  After whole day of playing without food, all of us are exhausted. We take our dinner at Mc Donalds in Sunway Pyramid. After that , we went home and rest without much thinking. Haha.. I guess the crazy moment in Sunway Lagoon put all of us to COMA on that night. Here is the Part One ~ will be upload the others part of the trip soon. Hehe.. 

Here are some of the photo we took~  

Darling & me. Just finish our bath!

My boy boy & me 

Souvenir from Sunway Lagoon! 

I wore the watch right after i get it! XD

Took it while we are on the way 
looking for food~

At last, I got Okzai photo in my blog!! 

Ah Jye & Me

Papa & Lui lui~~~~

Papa, dai lui & sai lui!

Happy Moment in Mc Donalds. XD

Get this photo from Dear's blog. ^_^


XxiaO-EMo- said...

eee.. why so few pics?
more more more~~ :DD hehe^^!!
lols... the gang pic^^ haha :D

kahzhing said...

lol, can exactly feel that u r very happy wor ^^ haha, keep it on ^^