Sunday, May 9, 2010

Twins Baby~~~~~~ BEAR!

   Lolx~ Didn't update my blog for some days because i am having my final exam. Tomorrow will be having my last paper for this semester. *Happy* hehe. Will be going back to hometown after that. Yeah!!!! haha..

   Hmm.. regarding my previous 2 papers that i sat, *ughh* * dissapointed* ~ T.T Don't really know how to do and i left a question in blank! OMG~~ that is not my style, but i really don't know what to write. Haiz~~ I called my mum immediately after the paper, tell her i did badly, and my mum comforted me in a very unique way. She make me so worry by saying "what, don't know how to do? you die already lar~~ " lolx. then she continue by saying " aiyar~ nevermind, study well for next paper, steady, steady~" haha.. She is just so cute!

   Mama, today is Mother's Day. Cannot be with you today and the present i promise to give you might have some changes~ Sorry for disappointing you always, make you worry for us. Gor gors and me promised to be your good children always! This promise will not break or change in the future. We LOVE you! Happy Mother's Day ,my superwomen!"

My superwomen! 

   Okay, now i want to introduce to you all my twins baby!! hahaha.... taaa.. dangggg...

Taller one is Bryan & the other one is Ryan!

Wakakka... my twins baby bear!! both of them are the new members in my Bear's family~~ *weeee* *claps* hehe.. I just brought them from Tesco. Hehe... Their names are Ryan and Bryan! hahaha... Having different name in chinese, one called hong zai and the other one called long zai. Both name are quite similar so that i can remember easily. Haha.. Not very use to give my teddy bear and soft toys name but because of the amount keep on increasing, i need to give them some names to differentiate them. Haha.. Ya, I am a bear lovers. Having a lot bears in my hostel and my house. Even my mama also cannot stand my behaviour already~ Haha.. Here is some of my photo with my bears. Enjoy~ Good day! ^_^
K zai & Ryan!

Ryan & me

Stitch Zai

Bei Bei~~

Bao Bao~


Those bears in my house~ ^-^

Bear bear& chocolate!

Those are not mine! XD


kahzhing said...

lol... so many , can go open shop already lor ~ haha, still writting blog ~ go study lor ^^ wish u good luck always ^^

babymushie said...

the bei bei look so familier...when i seen it b4...