Sunday, May 2, 2010

Strange feeling~

Tomorrow will be sitting for my second paper. Doing last minute revision now. Haiz. Feel a little uncomfortable today. Don't know what's wrong. I miss my mama a lot. She just call me and asking whether i am studying or playing. I am actually day dreaming. or night dreaming?! Watever~ Haiyar.. Just ignore what ever feeling i am having now. Try to concentrate ba. Min ah min. Get a good result as mother's day give for your mama okay? Don't disappointed her again! Love her then get her a good result!  En. Right! Try my best ~ Mama, I miss you and love you! Everyone, let's keep going ! Ganbateh!!

1 comment:

kahzhing said...

lol,still blogging~
take it easy, u can do it because u r siewmin !!! all the best to our exam