Monday, May 24, 2010

May Days!

Hi guys and girls~ This post is the 2nd part of my story! hehe.. Erm...let's see, last post i stop at the day 1, right? Alright, now, let's go to day 2! Oh, wait.. I left out a photo which we took at Sunway. Here is it!

our hand!hahaha...

Day 2 18/05/2010

After a nice sleep, I meet up with them at Darling Yee's house around 9am. When i reach, the 3 guys are still sleeping! They really~~~~haha.. That day, we first went to Lot 10 for our breakfast + lunch , then went to Pavillion for window shopping and watch a movie there too. We watch "A Nightmare on Erm Street" which basically is a horror movie. As usual, i will be very scare whenever i watch ghost movie. So i cover up my face with my hand and watch the movie by opened up a small gap between fingers. Haha.. Malu betul! However, the three guys are so steady and did not have any facial expression on their face. Seems like they are having a very bored session in the theater. Sorry guys. When for a walk and dinner after movie and we went home around 7pm. Oh ya. we are like the sardines when we are in the monorail because we go back at the wrong time. XD  They went back to hometown on the next day morning, but i still in KL and play for another 2 more days only go home with boyboy. Hehe. Hey dudes, you all are really my "wei yi" , i say it, i really mean it! Thanks for giving me those memorable chapters. I believe we still have a lot of chapter to write on. Love you all always! And for my dear, although this trip you are not with us, you still as close as they are with me! Don't sad, we still have a lot of chances! Thank you and love you all! BFF ~~

Took this at Darling house!

When we are in the train!

This is what i did when i am on the way to KL Central. XD

With Soon zai!

OMG! I can block a man with my body!
 I am a fatty actually.lolx 

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kahzhing said...

lol,part2 >.< , haha, I become ur bodyguard jor in the photo~

Hey girl, u r nt fat lor , haha, who dare say u fat, i go slap them =P ~ joke ~joke~ ^^