Friday, May 14, 2010


   Hi! Erm.. Well. as what previous post had mentioned, i am having my holidays now! haha.. My mum actually fly me aeroplane ("fong fei gei" in cantonese) today. She promised me bring me and my niece go shopping today but she suddenly say don't want go last night. I did not happy for a moment, but she and my eldest brother did make me smile also. XD My mum said she don't want to bring my niece out because my niece very naughty, she scared my niece will ruin her shopping mood. Haha. However, 3 of us went for a great breakfast today!

    I stayed at Chemor for the past 20 years, but i totally don't know there is a place where having such a good taste and well known "fish head mee". Get to know the existing of it when my lecturer ask me about it. What a shame!! My Godness~  I went home and ask my mama about that, then only i know it. Today is the third time i went to the restaurant and have my breakfast. Every time we went there, we need to wait a while just to get the place to sit. Really a lot of people went there to eat.

   The well known noodles is the fish head mee, but because of personal favorite, i ordered the seafood mee. The food there taste really amazing. It is so delicious. My mama love the fish head mee a lot. She will order that whenever she is there. My bowl of seafood noddle also excellent. If you all think that seafood noddle is just some cutter fish with some crab sticks there, you all are wrong! The seafood mee there come with 2 big prawns , half a crab and "lala"s! It's really delicious!! Yummy!! I would like to recommend you all to go and have a taste on those delicious noodles there. The price is affordable too! My mum and i ate a bowl of fish head mee and seafood noodles and we also ordered 2 cups of herba tea, it cost us RM10 only.  By the way, i am very sorry to  tell you all, I don't know the shop name, i just know the shop is located behind "East Ocean Restaurant " and it will be off every tuesday. Haha..

The "Seafood Mee"


This is the "Fish Head noodles"

Oh ya, i learn a few tricks in editing and combining photo. Hmm.. So happy.. And here is the result! How was it? ^_^
5 in 1 ! ^_^


kahzhing said...

lol,hungry jor lor, so many food >.<
So professional ~ nice combining photo ^^

babymushie said...

what application are u using to edit ur photoes?