Saturday, May 1, 2010

Moody turns Happy!

Yesterday, was Firday. I had mentioned before i love friday a lot because almost every friday i will went home and spend my weekend with my family. However, yesterday i did not went home but i went back to Kampar. As had mentioned in the previous post, last week was our university study week, everyone were busying study except me. I ran home and spent my whole study week at home playing with my niece and helping out my mama with some stuffs. My study mood doesn't like me at all. Very fast, a week past. Yesterday morning, I went back to Kampar for my very first paper which is Development Trends in Malaysia. Due to some personal fear factor, i am not able to sleep well the night before. This actually caused me to sleep for about 3 hours after i reach my hostel. My paper start at 2.30pm and i woke up at 1.00pm. Without much revision, i went for my test. After the test, i don't hope to score, but don't too low is okay already. My mood do ruined down a bit after the exam. However, the shopping moment with Des dear dear after that makes me feel much better. After finish shopping in TESCO, we went to have our dinner at KFC with Okzai. When we are on the way back, we get Jye's call and saying that he haven't eat. We then accompany Jye to dinner and went to cyber cafe to play SDO and L4D to release whatever mood we had. Haha... By the way, it does help! hahaha... Had a lot of fun with them last night! *weee....*

Today, is Saturday and is 1st of May. Labour Day! Happy Labour Day to all of you ! My gor gor and her gf come back to Ipoh and everyone is in the house now except me. Because of the final exam, i am forced to stay here. I miss my mama, papa and all of them. I miss you too! (you know who you are) My mama and papa send me back yesterday. I am really a lucky girl. Thank god ! Oh ya. i brought 2 pairs of new shoes, masks and a lip care. Hehe.  Wanna try? XD

My shoes~ ^~^

Different kind of masks ~Yippee~

My lip care~ 

And start from now on, would be the exam week. Guys and girls, do take good care of your own self, drink more water and take good rest, okay? All the best! 

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kahzhing said...

lol~ u also drink more water ya, take care of ur health too ^^
haha, u so like tesco when u r nt in good mood ~