Thursday, May 13, 2010


*Grrr~~* What will come in to your mind when i do the sound of *grrrr~~*  ? I don't know.. Just feel very lame when i suddenly think about this question. I am totally don't know what i am trying to do now. LoLx.. My exam is over! and now i am very very very very free! I am officially on holidays!! wuhooo~~~ Came home on monday and feel like i am really lazy! Extremely happy because i CAN be lazy!! yuhooo~~~  It's raining now, and it makes me think of my doggy. Wondering how are him now. Is him sleeping or missing us? Haiz~  Always wonder why my father don't let him be with us and need him to be alone in my old house. Does he feel sad when the day we left him there? However, i will be visiting him on this saturday! yeahh!! Wowwow, i miss you a lot. Hehe.. Alright, let me just tell you all about him / it. ^_^

My dog name called WOWWOW. He is a male dog and he is with me since a week after he was born. I still remember that time was end of the year 2003. Now, is year 2010. He is now 6 years old guy already! The first day my mum bought him home, he was like totally cannot accept the whole new environment and people. He always hide himself up. But later, he was able to cope himself well with us. Wowwow was the name i gave him because he likes to bark every single time. He barks when we reach home, he barks when he hear strangers foodsteps. He barks when he want to go toilet. LOL.  Wowwow is really a cute and intelligent dog. Although he is not those named breed dog, he still know how what to do when he want to go toilet. Every time when he want to go toilet, he will keep on barking until we bring him to toilet. He brings us a lot of fun moment. Haha.. I still remember, he cannot stop himself and straight away bang to the wall because he is running to fast! XD He likes to play ball. And he don't like rats at all. This strange guy scared rats. He is the first dog that scared rats in my world. I was like don't know want to laugh or cry. Haha.. His size is 10 times or more bigger than a rats. LMAO~  Really~~ Wahahahahha~~

Don't like to eat kippies but like to eat biscuits. One of the Most favorite food of him is Wan Tan Mee. OMG! Likes to drink milo a lot. But due to dogs are not allow to eat or drink choco things because will cause them heart attck, he is not allow to drink milo anymore. Pity him. Haha.. Last time, he eats what we eats, but now, he can only eat his own meal only. But don't know why, he is still very big size. I like to called him fat dog in hakka. Haha.. Hmm~~ miss him a lot now. Nevermind, i can be with him this saturday, yippee.. hehe.. that's all for this post. Thanks for viewing, and don't off yet!!!! There is a few of his photo down there!! Enjoyed!Bye~~
When he first come home~

Cute & adorable right?! (must say YES!) XD

With a pair of sporty eye!

Don't know what he is doing~

Posing for me!

Love to sleep !


So big already, still want to hide in my mum's room!

Lovely dog!

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